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Be a part of the largest-ever national youth summit to solve the climate crisis!

Power Shift is a youth-led summit of training, strategy and action to unite truly diverse groups of young people to voice our generational concern on climate change and build a cohesive and effective youth climate movement.

Power Shift will take place in September 2009 in Manchester, the home of the industrial revolution. For the first time, we will present our generational vision of a clean energy future. We will demonstrate that young people are ready to lead this country into a new era of 21st century energy freedom and of green jobs that not only help the planet but tackle unemployment, and that we are a political force to be reckoned with.

We’re looking for diverse, passionate, and committed volunteers to help join the Power Shift team and help us with everything you need to put on a 4-day event for a thousand young people.

You can be part of something truly unforgettable!

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